What is virginia's northern neck?

The Northern Neck is the northernmost of the three peninsulas on the western shore of Chesapeake Bay in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Potomac River forms the northern boundary of the peninsula; the Rappahannock River demarcates it in the south. Originally inhabited by eight Virginia Indian tribes who established villages along its shores, Northern Neck of Virginia is one of Virginia's most historic regions. Caledon, Northern Neck's northernmost state park, is a national natural monument known for its ancient forest.

The Northern Neck offers award-winning wineries, excellent restaurants and wonderful bed and breakfast opportunities. He soon sailed to England and formed a business relationship with William Cloberry, who financed a commercial trip from Virginia to New England. The peninsula between the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers, known as the Northern Neck, extends 100 miles southeast from Fredericksburg to the Chesapeake Bay. From Northern Virginia, take US-17 South and cross Downing Bridge from Essex County to Richmond County in Northern Neck.

Two bridges cross the Rappahannock River and provide access from the Middle Peninsula to the Northern Neck. The Oyster Trail includes stops along the Virginia Coast, Northern Neck, Middle Peninsula and the East Coast of Virginia. You can enjoy locally produced and harvested oysters and wine at Northern Neck restaurants and wineries. In February 1766, 115 prominent Northern Neck citizens signed the Leedstown Resolutions, named after Leedstown, an active port in (then) King George County.

Whenever you choose to visit, you'll find unique sites, delicious food, and water views that make Northern Neck a relaxing and beautiful Virginia destination. During the American Civil War, Northern Neck and, in particular, King George County, were on the border between the Union and Confederate armies. The Northern Neck of Virginia is a peninsula surrounded by unique and beautiful marshes, streams, the Potomac and Rappahanock Rivers and the Chesapeake Bay, so views of the water are all around it.