Is it expensive to live in northern virginia?

Northern Virginia is one of the most expensive places to live in the country, but also one of the most affordable. Living in Fairfax, Virginia, is approximately 50 percent more expensive than the average price of living in the United States. On a cost-of-living index where 100 is the national average cost of living, Fairfax scores 152.0. The main contribution to this higher cost of living is the costly housing costs for people living in Fairfax.

Costs of living in the City of Fairfax are about 40% higher than the state average. Northern Virginia home prices are exorbitant and statistics show that they will continue to rise next year. In the City of Fairfax, we see a similar trend and, of all the expenses, housing is at the top of the list. And the Northern Virginia area, and all the activities, entertainment, and work activities that those places offer.

Counties in each state that ranked as the most expensive to live in tended to have strong economies, low unemployment rates, and higher household incomes, the study found. Broadly speaking, many people considering a move to Fairfax are considering moving to the Northern Virginia area. Submit your information below and we'll add your company to the group of employers currently hiring in Northern Virginia. In addition, Northern Virginia has a lower average cost for groceries, utilities, transportation and health care than other major metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia, Boston, Minneapolis, Chicago and Cleveland.

When trying to determine what the cost of living is in Virginia, housing costs will by far be your biggest expense. People living in Fairfax are most commonly employed in professional, scientific, and technical services; public administration; healthcare and social assistance; retail; and education. As such, Fairfax's role is that of a dormitory community for the capital, which has everything from art to elegant restaurants, museums and live theater. Here is a list of some items and grocery prices in Fairfax; use this as a starting point to determine if your grocery bills will be more or less expensive in Fairfax than where you currently live.

Fortunately, here at Apartment List, you can take a closer look at the cost of living in Virginia and better understand what type of budget you'll need to live comfortably. Prospective homebuyers should remember that the lender adds the cost of property taxes to their monthly mortgage payments, but Fairfax and Virginia property taxes in general are less expensive than the national average. Northern Virginia is home to a variety of industries, from defense and aerospace to health and life sciences. For example, in the city of Ashburn, food and grocery costs are 4.2% more expensive than in Woodbridge, Virginia.

The City of Fairfax comprises the seat of Fairfax County and is located in Northern Virginia.