What is northern virginia called?

Northern Virginia, known locally as NOVA or NoVA, comprises several independent counties and cities in the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States. Every region of Virginia is different, but Northern Virginia (NOVA) may be more different than most compared to the rest of Virginia (ROVA). The region is often described as Virginia's economic engine. Northern Virginia has high-quality transportation and infrastructure to support major businesses located in the area, and these critical factors continue to expand options for businesses throughout Northern Virginia.

I created a Google Forms survey in which I gave people a list of 50 places in Virginia, ranging from Arlington to Ashburn to Richmond, and asked if they considered each of the parts of “NoVA. Fifty counties in the western mountainous part of the state, which were, for the most part, against secession in 1861, would separate from the Confederacy in 1863 and enter the Union as a new state, West Virginia. In particular, Arlington, Clarke, Fairfax, Frederick, Loudoun, Shenandoah and Warren counties voted to keep Virginia in the Union in 1861, but ultimately did not separate from the state. Other higher education institutions include Northern Virginia Community College (colloquially known as NOVA) in Annandale (with several branches throughout Northern Virginia), Mary Washington University in Fredericksburg, Patrick Henry College in western Loudoun County, and Marymount University in northern Arlington.

In addition, there are counties outside the Washington Metropolitan Area that, by broader definitions, are called part of Northern Virginia. Northern Virginia is a favorite destination for shoppers, from luxury malls to bargain stores and wineries. The region is often spelled Northern Virginia, although according to the USGS Correspondence Manual, the 'n' in Northern Virginia should be capitalized, since it is a place name rather than a general address or area; e. Stafford, one of the major counties in northern Virginia, is one of seven counties in the United States, where black households earn more than whites.

Northern Virginia has several higher education institutions, including George Mason University; Virginia Tech - National Capital Region; Marymount University and Northern Virginia Community College. However, considering Northern Virginia has one of the highest costs of living in the nation, the real purchasing power of these households is considerably lower than in other, less prosperous areas. Chatham Manor is located across the Rappahannock River from Fredericksburg and played an important role in the Civil War and in the history of Northern Virginia. If one were for the majority rule, the Northern Virginia border would extend from Woodbridge to Manassas, along the Fairfax County border to Dulles Airport, and then northwest to Leesburg.

It also ranked Northbond I-95 from Spotsylvania County to the north end of Stafford County as the seventh-worst traffic point in the nation. And living in the four largest counties in Northern Virginia, his birthplace by census region is 60.5 percent of the South, 21.0 percent of the Northeast, 11.5 percent of the Midwest, and 7.0 percent of the West.