What is the average income in northern virginia?

Northern Virginia's surplus of services and ease of access offer high value at a lower cost of living than many major metropolitan areas across the country. Here, you can afford the life of your dreams without breaking the bank. The Cost-of-Living Index in Washington, D.C. And the surrounding region is lower than most competing technology centers.

Using the national cost of living composite, the indexed cost of living in Northern Virginia is 140 (compared to the national average is 100), lower than many other competing regions on the east and west coasts, including New York — Manhattan (21), New York — Brooklyn (18), Honululu (16), San Francisco (16), San Jose (15) and Orange County, CA (14). The region has some of the best public schools, restaurants, shopping centers and entertainment venues in the country. Another thing you might consider is that the income tax of the state of Virginia is much lower than that of other major technology centers. For example, Virginia's state income tax is 5.25% compared to 13.30% in California and 8.82% in New York.

In addition, Northern Virginia has a lower average cost of groceries, utilities, transportation, and health care than other major metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia, Boston, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Cleveland. Fairfax County's cost of living is in the midrange between Northern Virginia's cost of living, according to the Institute for Economic Policy. The organization's household budget calculator estimates how expensive it is to live in Virginia, as well as in each of the 3,142 counties and 611 metropolitan areas of the United States. When Considering Moving to Fairfax, Housing Costs Could Influence Your Decision.

If you're looking for affordable housing in Northern Virginia, you may want to check with the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). The HCD is a department of the county government that is in charge of affordable housing programs. In addition to its role as a county department, HCD is also the staff of the Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority (FCRHA). The FCRHA is an independent government body that has been granted specific powers by state code.

Interstates connect all major cities and many small communities, but there are several other ways to get around the Fairfax area. Ready to Move to Northern VA? Our quiz helps you decide which family-friendly neighborhood is the best place to live, whether it's a D, C. Neighborhood, Northern VA or Fairfax County. Northern Virginia is home to a variety of industries, from defense and aerospace to health and life sciences.

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With Amazon joining the region's already strong technology sector, and local leaders focused on diversifying the career landscape, the economic forecast for Northern Virginia looks promising for those looking for an even better salary. That enormous development will positively affect many workers and businesses in Alexandria, with a smaller but similar ripple effect that will be felt throughout the Northern Virginia region. However, in addition to the increase in income at the national level, there was a more worrying increase in income equality both nationwide and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In fact, Northern Virginia has not only done well in recent years, but it has just entered a new era of serious boom times (hello, Amazon).

Fairfax County Cost of Living Falls Midway Between Northern Virginia Cost of Living, Says Economic Policy Institute. In addition, Northern Virginia has a lower average cost for groceries, utilities, transportation, and health care than other major metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia, Boston, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Cleveland. The goal, according to Stephanie Landrum, president and CEO of the Alexandria Economic Development Partnership (AEDP), is to create more jobs with a higher average salary so that residents can work and live here. .